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Worst Thing About Blogging Again?

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

I *know* I’ll be spending an obscene amount of time fiddling with the look of the pages, and it’ll never come out right. My kingdom for a nice minimal theme… Seriously, design is hard. My old blog had a layout I lifted from a friend with my old classic Viking lander image in the background - but I’m not in the mood for that again. I want to get some header image up there, ‘cos the current wanktastic gradient is, well, wanktastic, but I don’t have any images I like that would fit there. Meh. Maybe I’ll just go ultraminimalist and optimize for Lynx.

I do like this tagging thing quite a bit, though. Categories are a bit too regimental for what I want to do - I’m far more interested in stream of consciousness bullshit than filing things properly, and tags fit that mentality nicely.