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What’s That Header Image?

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

In case you were wondering, the header image is a tweaked version of the first comic book panel I read and still remember to this day. It’s from Legion of Super-Heroes v3, #2, the second comic I ever read (I believe - it’s not impossible that I’m getting the order of the first two comics I read mixed up). That’s Keith Giffen’s art, a depiction of the Legion of Super-Villains using Last Supper-style imagery. The whole issue is burned into my brain, but the LSV section was particularly memorable for me, especially the next page, with Sun Emperor killing a servant girl by kissing her and burning her to death.

I’ve now got this issue in digital form, trade paperback, and single issue. I decided to use this image for the header because I wanted *something* wide and Legion-y, and this did the trick. I cropped it down, badly wiped Lightning Lord’s dialogue bubble, and substituted in my own text, using GIMP. I may try to clean it up further at some point in the future - we’ll see.

Random Notes 7/30

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Things I discovered in my domain’s access logs:

  • In the last month, I’ve gotten over 3000 hits via Myspace. No, not for my blog: for a picture of a baby panda in a plastic container. It’s adorable, I’ll give you that, but apparently a bunch of people on Myspace have put it on their…Myspaces? Whatever the hell you call that crap. I’m debating whether to screw with them by changing the image to something utterly random instead.
  • In the last 14 hours and 22 minutes, there’ve been 1,124 attempts to post comments to my old blog, and 635 attempts to post trackbacks. These all get 404s in response, since I shuffled the old blog well out of the way. I’m wondering when, if ever, the comment spammers will realize that the old blog doesn’t exist any more.
  • There were still people subscribed to my RSS feed! Well, that won’t really come as a surprise to most of you: I’m betting the odds are pretty good that most of the people who’ll actually see this post are legacy subscribers from back in the day. I redirected the old MovableType feeds to the new WordPress feeds this morning, so you’re getting the new stuff now. Enjoy.

I Really Like Peter Snejbjerg

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Continuing with something I mentioned yesterday, I really like Peter Snejbjerg’s cartooning. This particular panel, from JSA #32, really jumps out at me:

Most emphatically cartoony work these days is heavily manga influenced - but I don’t really see that in Snejbjerg. Unsurprisingly, given where he’s from, his work feels European to me - maybe a bit of Asterix or Tintin. I’m a big fan of the obvious sense of fun inherent in Star-Spangled Kid’s appearance here - she actually looks like a teenage girl. Jakeem’s dreads don’t quite work, though. Oh well. No one’s perfect.