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Legion! Legion! Legion!

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

…get it? Three Legions? Legion of Three Worlds? Oh, but I am witty. Ok, not really. Anyway, Legion of Three Worlds #1 came out yesterday. Favorite bits so far:

  • A reappearance of the Xenophobic Jackass Future Kents from the Action story.
  • Superboy Prime lighting said Xenophobic Jackass Future Kents up.
  • The Hall of 1,000 Olsens.
  • The shoutout to the original Nightwing and Flamebird (is any of that in continuity at this point, or was it all wiped out by Crisis on Infinite Earths/Man of Steel?).
  • Prime whining about how he liked the old Legion costumes better (Geoff Johns’ interpretation of Superboy Prime could best be described as “Whiney Internet Fanboy with Godly Powers”, so it’s fitting that he’d bitch about Legion costume designs, an eternal kvetching point of Legion fandom).
  • Sun Boy strangely reminding me of Dirk in Giffen’s 5YG.
  • Superman’s always been the inspiration for the Legion of Super-Heroes - so Superboy Prime turning out to be the inspiration for the Legion of Super-Villains is kind of fun.
  • The erstwhile end of the Legion coming when the original three fail to save RJ Brande from an assassination attempt (when, of course, the Legion started when the original three successfully saved Brande from an assassination attempt).
  • Said assassination highlighting this very important Legion-related lesson: Never trust anyone in a purple hooded robe.
  • The idea that victory over Prime won’t come from beating the tar out of him but by redeeming him.
  • And, most importantly, nearly everything Perez drew - especially his Time Trapper and the entry to the Superman Museum.

Bits I didn’t care for quite as much: Perez’s Brainiac 5 - not entirely his fault, mind you; that hair is just icky looking, the awkwardness of Brainy’s “Hey, let’s get those kid Legions from other universes here too!” suggestion. Not bad, really. I’m not yet willing to pass judgment on the book as a whole, since we’re only 1 of 5 issues in and all, but Perez is the perfect artist for it, Prime is one of my favorite villains, and hey, it’s the Legion. For more thorough annotations and commentary, check out Michael Grabois at the Legion Omnicom, Timothy Callahan (the editor of the forthcoming Teenagers from the Future Legion essay collection I’ve mentioned before), and Douglas Wolk, who is like unto a god of comics criticism and annotating. Also, check out Callahan’s essential Legion reading list - it doubles as a decent quick summary of the Legion’s publishing history.