Fifty Things I Like/Love About Comics

So david brothers threw down a gauntlet - it’s the Hembeck Challenge: list fifty things you like/love about comics. david went with a list grouped by theme - Gavok one-upped him with a list with visuals for each item. I thought about going with 50 pages I loved, but decided that I’d rather save those for individual posts…and good god, that’d take a while. So what’d I go with? Well, how about fifty comics I love? Not single issues specifically - these can be representative of a series, an issue, a storyline, a book, whatever. The key point is that there’s 50, and the covers for each of ‘em are below the break.

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  1. 4thletter! » Blog Archive » 50 Things Answers, Plus 50 More Says:

    [...] friend Andrew Bayer did his list of 50 comics here, old buddy Mark Poa did one, too, and Cheryl Lynn has some great stuff on her list, [...]

  2. 50 things I love about comics « Outside Looking In Says:

    [...] check out David Brothers at 4th Letter (where I think the resurgence originated), Brad Curan at Andrew Bayer’s This Ain’t Disco, Brad Curan at Comics Should Be Good, and Graeme McMillan, Jeff Lester and [...]

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