Prepping for Legion of Three Worlds

Next Wednesday, I get my filthy little hands on Legion of Three Worlds. I’ve been prepping for this by, well, reading a lot of Legion. Watch this space for commentary and possibly annotations - Michael over at Legion Omnicom will be doing annotations, probably better than I ever could, but hey, we’ll see. My plan is to take advantage of my massive stash of Legion issues (somehow, I magically have access to just about every Legion story ever, excepting some of the Adventure stories - thank you, Interwebs!) to provide you with background information on what Johns ends up referencing, but obviously, I have no way of doing that ’til I actually have the book. =)

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet read Giffen’s Five Year Gap Legion, you really, really should. Except, of course, that it’s not in print, which is a shame, because it’s really one of the most amazing pieces of superhero comics you’ll ever see. Julian Darius over at Sequart has a phenomenal 12 part essay on Giffen’s run that is very much worth reading. It starts with this essay - there are links to the rest on the sidebar.

That essay is also collected in the forthcoming “Teenagers from the Future”, a collection of essays edited by Timothy Callahan of Sequart. I’ve been yearning for this book for ages - they had copies at their table at NYCC, but I forgot to have someone pick one up for me, and they weren’t at SDCC. Callahan was interviewed by Newsarama about that book and his book on Grant Morrison’s early years a couple weeks ago - it’s a good read.

EDIT: I think I may have found a way to actually get that book - seems to be selling it, printing on demand. I just ordered it. We’ll see how long I have to wait. =)

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