Friends! Posting Things!

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

As part of the ongoing 50 Things meme david has unleashed upon the world, two friends of mine have their own lists up - well, one full 50 item list and one 5 item list. First, there’s Jeff Lester over at Savage Critic(s), with his 50 Things, broken down thematically. Second, there’s the debut of my very good friend Esther over at 4thletter!, with five artists who make her love comics. Read them both, and enjoy.

Fifty Things I Like/Love About Comics

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

So david brothers threw down a gauntlet - it’s the Hembeck Challenge: list fifty things you like/love about comics. david went with a list grouped by theme - Gavok one-upped him with a list with visuals for each item. I thought about going with 50 pages I loved, but decided that I’d rather save those for individual posts…and good god, that’d take a while. So what’d I go with? Well, how about fifty comics I love? Not single issues specifically - these can be representative of a series, an issue, a storyline, a book, whatever. The key point is that there’s 50, and the covers for each of ‘em are below the break.